Our Story


Ever feel like you are not sure if you belong?

You know you are a part of, but sometimes the actions or lack of from those around you can end up with you questioning your own identity.

As a multi-cultural family we identify as Samoans, NZ Europeans and Malawian. However, sometimes the mix of races mean we may be:

  • not Samoan enough,
  • not NZ European enough or
  • not Malawian enough…

To belong.

One thing is certain though, we will always belong as brothers. No matter what. We will always be bonded by blood.

We identify this bond with some of our friends. They also feel like brothers to us. We feel like that bond through friendship.

Uso4U was born as a brand to identify with that sense of belonging and caring for our Usos.

Belonging to that bond.




Family or


Where you are a part of.

You belong.

You identify.

You become a Uso4U.

We look forward to having you as part of the Uso4U family.


Team Uso4U

The Hoodies are pretty comfy and legit!

Grab one today uce.

– The Usos